Learning to Code 

Yesterday I said that part of this diary would be a record of my ‘journey’ as I learn to code, but I didn’t go into much detail about where I currently am on that journey, so I’ve decided to go into a bit more depth in this today’s post.

I started learning to code in mid-March this year. I originally began at Codecademy but, after completing the basic courses introducing HTML and CSS, I decided to switch over to freeCodeCamp. The reason for this move was that Codecademy didn’t provide any way to practice the skills I was learning and the courses didn’t go into much depth, whereas freeCodeCamp provides projects (such as a personal portfolio page) where you can put the skills into action, whilst creating an actual end product, which you can develop as you learn more. I am glad I started with Codecademy though, as it gave me a very basic understanding which helped me when starting at freeCodeCamp.

To keep up with learning to code, I have a fairly fixed routine, which I have worked into my existing morning routine (which was previously much less productive). I wake at 6am then, after breakfast and reading news  headlines etc., I work on freeCodeCamp for an hour (though I often get a little carried away and run over). This routine means that I ease myself into the day, like getting into a hot bath, and means that I have the pleasure of waking Anna and making her breakfast most mornings. 

At the moment I’m still on fairly basic HTML and CSS, completing the aforementioned ‘personal portfolio page’, which is looking a bit bare due to my lack of accomplishments! Soon, though, I will hopefully have worked on more projects so that I can display some actual content on the page, instead of dull placeholders. Anyway, that’s where I’m at for now and I’m definitely enjoying the whole process – much more than I thought I would! – and find it very satisfying (if a little surprising) when it all comes together.

Normally, I will be posting these entries after my coding sessions, as part of my morning routine, to make sure I remember to regularly update. These posts will be spilt into two main sections: the events of the day before and the progress of the morning coding, and projected plans for the day, in a kind of to-do list. The last two days, though, have been a bit different as I’ve been setting up the blog and preparing for Anna’s birthday (happy birthday Anna)! As I’m terrible at writing cards (too sentimental) I wrote her this poem instead:

We sleep with an open window,

two bodies hot no matter the season.

I awake at 6am to bigcity birdsong,

a chorus with the early morning traffic.

I have not heard the trills of morning birds here before.

Maybe I have not been listening.

We came here in the summer,

When the dawn was early and 

the streets quivered with a hot dusty

scent of excitement.

Now it is late winter.

No less content,

cosied in a flat now ours

from the chill city streets.


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