Diary – Moving on to JavaScript

Yesterday I said that I had had a fairly unproductive morning, up until the point I wrote my diary entry. I’m glad to say that, following that, I had a much more productive time. Whilst Tessa and Ollie were still in the front room, limiting me to the kitchen and the bedroom (where Anna was still getting ready), I realised that the balcony was cast in gold morning sunshine. Handily, as well as the door in the front room, the bedroom window opens out onto the balcony, so I clambered out that way and sat there reading for around half an hour. Whilst I was out there, I realised I had timed it perfectly – the balcony doesn’t get too much sun throughout the day due to its angle and surrounding buildings, but there is a window of time in the morning when it is directly in the sunshine. A great alternative when the front room isn’t available, then – though it did make me realise that I really need to plant the balcony boxes!

Outside I was reading Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality – a course text for my upcoming exams, but also a very interesting polemic on social attitudes regarding sexuality following the Victorian era, and how most, if not all social attitudes are originated and perpetuated by institutions and positions of power. Anyway, during this time Amy rang to tell me that she had completed my student finance form – now I’m just waiting on my Dad to send his off and it will all be sorted.

In due course everyone was up and about and, after Tessa and Ollie visited the Sky Garden (where I must visit sometime soon!) and popped back for lunch, they left for St.Annes and Anna left for uni. This meant that, after nipping to the shops and to post Anna’s parcels, I had plenty of time alone to work on the portfolio page I was designing on CodePen, for a task on freeCodeCamp, which I finished later that evening. It’s not particularly attractive or bursting with features, but it’s something I’m happy with at this early stage. If anyone’s interested, you should be able to view it here: Personal Portfolio Page. Obviously all of the pictures and text are just placeholders for now, as I have no real experience/job role/professional profile.

Finishing the portfolio meant that it was time to move on to learning the basics of JavaScript. I did part of a very basic course on this at Codecademy before moving to freeCodeCamp, but I feel like I haven’t retained much of the information – hopefully it will sink in a bit better the second time around! I realise that JavaScript is going to provide much more of a challenge that HTML/CSS, but I’m pretty determined to stick with it, which is part of the plan for today, alongside planting salad (balcony box), peas (balcony box), and chili (indoors). At some point soon I’m going to get some more peppermint, too. I’m also going to be revising throughout the day – returning to and reciting quotes at regular intervals seems to work best for me.


2 thoughts on “Diary – Moving on to JavaScript

  1. Steph had a good system for quotes, she would write them on post it notes and stick them all over the house, so that she came across them many times a day. If they are connected in some way that could be reflected in their placement. Over time you would be able to recall their connections by visualising their place in space. Whether Anna will put up with post it note decorations all over the flat is a different matter. You’re doing great with your programming practice btw, I’m suffering from a lack of those proverbial rainy days, when I’m meant to get that sort of thing done, not having – like you – a time in the day that I’m prepared to dedicate to it at the moment.

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