Diary – Pricy Vegan ‘Chicken’?

So, after yesterday’s bicycle blunder, we finally made it to ‘Temple of Seitan’, the vegan ‘chicken’ shop that we’ve been meaning to visit for a while now. But first, I started out pretty much as normal. I woke at 6am, though I think (if I remember rightly) I went back to bed for 9 minutes (the length of my alarm’s snooze – why 9??) before getting up to have breakfast and crack on with coding. I’m moving on to more complex JavaScript lessons now, which are slowing down my progress, and I’m beginning to see a little potential frustration as I come up against the more mathematical aspects of the skill. Somehow I did pretty well at maths when I was in school, but I can’t say it’s ever interested me much, so it’s been more difficult to motivate myself when it comes to applying it in programming. There is a positive side to this, though, in that most of my learning was previously limited to a fairly small area: literature and its associated disciplines (arts, philosophy etc.). Learning to code, especially now, has broadened my area of learning, which can only be beneficial.

Around 8, I went in to wake Anna up a little bit early, unsure about what time she was in uni. She was in at half 10, meaning she could have slept in another half an hour – sorry Anna! When she had left for Shoreditch I carried on with coding and revision, which seem to have been all I have done the last few days – not that I’m complaining!

At 20 past 1, I set off to meet Anna outside her uni building, hungry and looking forward to lunch. This was cutting it a bit close, giving me only 10 minutes to get there, but I made it right on time and stood waiting with all the funky folk that gather outside UAL, with my helmet on my handlebars (apparently I look silly wearing it). After a little while Anna came out with her bike and we set off for ‘Temple of Seitan’, past Bethnal Green. When we got there (thanks to Anna’s navigation skills) we were pleased to find that the ridiculous queues from when it opened a few months ago had died down – can’t say the same for the prices though, unfortunately! It was good, though. The seitan burgers did taste pretty similar to chicken, though not quite completely the same, which was nice for me as that’s the one thing that I’ve missed over the last couple of years as a vegetarian. All other meat was pretty easy as I’ve never really liked it anyway.

After lunch the day was pretty unremarkable, and I mostly just carried on with what I’d been doing earlier. This morning we’re going to the pound sale at the East End Thrift Store – hopefully we’ll find some bargains!

Image courtesy: meetup.com


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