Diary – Vintage Shop Bargains

Normally, Saturdays are shopping days. Around 11am, me and Anna get on our bikes with two rucksacks and her pannier (a good replacement for the basket on my old bike) and cycle through Whitechapel, then Victoria Park, and to Lidl, where we buy the majority of our food etc. We’ve done this pretty much every week since we discovered Lidl, shortly after moving to London, so it’s a pretty set routine, and I look forward to it all week. Yesterday, though, we decided against it.

As usual I woke up around 6am and, after breakfast, resumed the coding course I am following. I didn’t spend as much time doing this as usual, but I made up for it later in the day. When Anna woke up she reminded me that I’d said I’d go to the pound sale at the East End Thrift Store, which is just around the corner from us. I’d completely forgotten about it. It opened at 11, so we set off around half past 10 to get in line (it’s pretty popular, especially when there’s a pound sale), where we were joined by a group of women being filmed, talking about how they were going to buy up stock to sell for a profit at a nearby market later in the day. The way they were speaking suggested they were doing it for an Apprentice-style challenge – we’ll have to have a look at the cast in the next series! Still, I would have been a bit more subtle about what they were doing, if I were them.

The shop itself is packed with clothing rails so, with all of the other customers as well, we were packed in like bees in a hive, clambering over and around one another. It didn’t make for a very pleasant shopping experience, but we did find quite a few nice items which, at £1, were hard to turn down – Anna did have to put a few things back (there’s just not enough space in the flat!).  I was particularly excited about a coat I bought (much too big, but I like it that way,) which was navy and quite thick, but not too thick to wear throughout Spring. Besides really liking it from an aesthetic perspective, it’ll be practical when I’m cycling as it has a high collar to protect my neck from the wind.

On the way home, we bought a couple of pastries from Rinkoff’s (cheap, and the smell was too tempting to resist) and took them back for lunch. At this point, we decided not to go shopping as we didn’t really need that much and it would be getting quite late, as Anna wanted to film a video for her Youtube channel as well. Instead, we just filmed the video (showing off the aforementioned bargains), which involved both of us speaking in front of the camera. I can’t say I’m a fan of being that side of the process, but it went fine, though I don’t think Anna ended up using most of the footage, anyway. Pictures are above.

After filming, I just carried on with coding and exam revision. I’ve moved on to a section called ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ now, with each challenge taking a lot longer and requiring a lot more autonomy than previous ones. Like I said yesterday, JavaScript is providing some difficulty due to the maths-style logic, but the algorithms are incredibly satisfying once I’ve worked them out, after much trial-and-error. As for my revision, I’ve almost learnt all of the quotes for both Paradise Lost and The Rape of the Lock now, which Anna has the delightful task of testing me on every now and then.

Today we are going shopping, and I’m sure there will be more of the same in the coding and revision departments.



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