Diary – Day of Disaster

When I was a kid I used to watch old episodes of Thunderbirds (the one with the string puppets),  a lot. There was this one episode called ‘Day of Disaster’, I think it involved a rocket falling off a bridge. The name always used to make me and my dad laugh, and if we were having a bad day or everything was going wrong, we used used to call it the ‘Day of Disaster’. Maybe it’s a little hyperbolic to call yesterday a day of disaster, but it definitely seemed like things weren’t going my way.

To begin with, I didn’t manage to finish a single JavaScript coding exercise that I started in the morning – after attempting multiple different ways to solve the problem, I kept getting so close to solving it, only to be defeated at the last moment. Obviously I’m aware that I’m only starting out, so I’m going to come up against these kinds of challenges, but I was determined to solve it myself, without any outside help. When I woke up this morning to find it still unsolved, though, I did seek out some tips, and solved it pretty quickly. As usual, the answer was much simpler than I had imagined – the problem is, I didn’t know what functions to use, rather than being stuck on how to execute them.

Anyway, back to yesterday. Anna was at uni in the morning so I mostly spent it struggling with the programming and revising quotes. For lunch, I decided to do something a little different, so I fried up the new potatoes (which definitely needed using) with mushrooms and spinach, in the Polish salt mix Michael gave to me last time I was home, serving the mixture with scrambled egg. It was pretty good but… lets just say it got pretty smoky. Fire alarms were set off.

When Anna got home, we cycled off in the rain to Bethnal Green, to pick up eight small cacti she bought really cheap, as their owners were moving to Australia. On the way back, cacti in the pannier, we popped into Sainsbury’s for some milk and bread and, on the way out, my bike got caught on Anna’s, knocking the back mudguard (which has already lost a bolt) even looser. I think I have some nuts and bolts that are the right size to fix it, but it means taking the back wheel off – and getting it back on straight!

At some point amongst all of this, I got an email from Eye Want Change, whose short film competition I entered a while ago and got through to the first round of judging. The email was to tell me that my film hasn’t made it through to the second (and final) round. This isn’t such a problem in itself, as I was pretty happy to even get through to the first round, but it got me thinking about how difficult it is to stand out and be recognised in any of the industries I (think) I want to go on to work in, and how I don’t really have anything, currently, that sets me apart. I’ll have to work on that, maybe I’ll write about it further in a separate post at some point.

After tea, at 9pm, me and Anna went to renew our Genesis cinema memberships (Hooray! We’ve been without them for ages!) and to see Get Out. We both enjoyed it, especially me. I particularly liked the fact that, unlike many contemporary ‘thrillers’ or ‘horrors’ (I’m not sure about the categories), it was entertaining and poignant in equal amounts, with a complex message, plenty of comedy, and just the right amount of scary.

Today I’ll be coding revising, and probably fixing my bike, whilst Anna has a long day at uni. Hopefully I won’t set any alarms off.

Featured image: Thunderbirds ‘Day of Disaster’ – Credit: kroagnon.blogspot.


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