Diary – Giant Veggie Stew

Today’s diary entry is late because, well, to be honest, I completely forgot about it. You’d think doing pretty much the same exact routine every morning would make it difficult to forget, but apparently not. Anyway, here we are, better late than never, eh?

Yesterday was mostly filled with coding and revision – who could’ve guessed? Throughout the day I made quite a lot of progress with the ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ challenges on freeCodeCamp, finishing most of them pretty independently, and this morning I’ve just finished the last one in the series. Underneath the title for the challenges, is a sub-heading saying ‘(50 hours)’. I can’t quite work out if that’s the predicted time for completion or what, though, because it definitely didn’t take me 50 hours and I’m no programming whiz. Finishing that segment of the syllabus means that I am now moving on to a section called ‘JSON APIs and Ajax’ – hopefully I’ll have at least some idea of what that all means by the time I’ve finished it!

Revision is going pretty well, too. I’m now able to recite all of my quotes for The Prelude, so I’m moving on to the catchily titled Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, written by the man himself. I really enjoyed this book when I read it – it’s pretty amazing and eye-opening to have some insight into a life that is completely unimaginable for the modern Western reader, though we mustn’t forget that this is due to our position of privilege; such phenomena have not necessarily been relegated to the past. It’s pretty difficult to learn quotes from, though, as it’s not like the previous texts, written in verse, so the exact wording is hard to remember.

My revision went on throughout the day, and in-between, after lunch, I went to deliver a parcel for Anna. For some reason the people in our local post office always call me Johnny Depp – apparently I look just like him, which I don’t think is true in the slightest but I’ll take it as a compliment (as long as it’s the younger Johnny Depp, not how he looks now!).

When I got back, I started on the giant veggie stew that I was making to use up all of the veg we had in the kitchen – which is now looking pretty bare as I threw everything in! First I was accompanied by music, then Elon Musk’s biography on Audible, and finally by the quotes I was learning, which I spoke aloud in the kitchen like some kind of bohemian poet. This is why I enjoy making a big stew so much – it’s kind of therapeutic and gives me a bit of time to listen to music etc., where I don’t feel as if I should be doing something else. In the end, all of the ingredients (pictured above) combined to make 9 meals, which will keep us going for a while. Just as I was close to finishing up, Anna got home from uni and for tea we had two portions of the stew with rice, in wraps, kind of like burritos.

Today I’m going to be revising, starting the new section of the freeCodeCamp course (which I’m looking forward to), and perhaps updating my CV so that I can apply for summer jobs or (preferably, but less realistically) internships.


2 thoughts on “Diary – Giant Veggie Stew

  1. I side with the post office staff, you definitely have that young Johnny Depp look, but that’s not my comment. When I was coding JSON didn’t exist and Ajax didn’t have an acronym, one of the systems that I designed was in the first 10 Ajax applications to exist in the world and it was quite a revolution in capability, but it only worked in the very latest Microsoft browser, now of course – like so many things – it’s hard to imagine the web without it.


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