Diary – Combining Coding and Quotes

Yesterday I wrote that I had finished the ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ section of the challenges on freeCodeCamp, and was moving on to a section called ‘JSON APIs and Ajax’. Well, I did, and I’ve finished that section already, as it was mostly just a brief overview with little interactivity, which I was a bit suspicious of at the time, as it seemed to gloss over important aspects that I would need to program independently. Luckily, as I soon found out, the next section I have moved on to is called ‘Intermediate Front End Development Projects’, and requires you to put the previous lessons into practice. This, with reference to the overview lessons, will be much more beneficial when it comes to learning how to use ‘JSON APIs and Ajax’, as I find that I often learn best by putting into practice and working through the problems myself. I also enjoy these projects much more than the standard lessons, as they include an element of design and your progress is visible.

In a moment of serendipity, the first FE project is called ‘Random Quote Generator’, which allows me to combine the two activities that currently take up most of my day – practicing programming and learning quotes, by creating an array of all the quotes I have learned by memory, and returning them in a random order at the click of a button, as per the challenge requirements. I may also try and take the challenge a step further, hiding all but the first word of the quotes until the user mouses over them, to simulate a kind of ‘flash card’. The challenge has proved more difficult than most of the others I’ve done due to the fact that it combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At first, when I was faced with a blank page, I had literally no clue where to start, so I’m quite pleased that I’ve managed to make it function as prescribed by this morning, though not in a very attractive manner.

To tell the truth, I didn’t do much else yesterday – Dad called and we chatted for a while and Anna went for her interview regarding  her uni placement year (apparently she was the best candidate so far!)

Today is shopping day, so we’ll be cycling through the park to Lidl (with new bells and a fixed rear mudguard!) and then back with rucksacks full of lovely food. Other than that, I’ll probably be doing the usual: revising and programming (more specifically, attempting to make the quote generator more complex and improve its aesthetics and animation).

Edit: I forgot to mention the scaffolding on the building across the road is being taken down! It may not seem that big a deal but we’ve literally never seen the building without it, in all the months we’ve lived here. The prospect of builders not being able to watch me walk about in my underpants is an exciting one.


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