Diary – The Tranquil Thames

When it got to lunchtime yesterday, I didn’t feel like I’d got anything done. I’d finished my Random Quote Generator early on, before breakfast, but after that I didn’t really achieve much, which left me feeling as if I’d wasted the first part of the day. After lunch, though, I decided to go out for a walk, heading east towards the Thames. It wasn’t a long walk – only an hour or so – but it was nice to get out and I listened to my audiobook whilst I ambled along.

When I got down to the river, a lot of the path and the park I was walking through was cordoned off for building work – like so many places in London – but as it was a Sunday there was no one there, and it was quiet and peaceful. I think that’s my favourite thing about following the river (further out of the city) – it always seems so tranquil, a world away from the city streets! I did get a bit lost on the way home, walking back past Shadwell further than I had anticipated, and ending up on a road that I must see one end of every day that I cycle to uni, but had absolutely no recollection of. I just kept walking and ended up where I wanted to be eventually.

When I got home I put some more quotes into the Quote Generator and then, after revising for a while, decided to get started on the next project. It’s a local weather app, which displays the weather in the users current location. These are the ‘user stories’ I have to fulfill:

  • I can see the weather in my current location.
  • I can see a different icon or background image depending on the weather.
  • I can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

So far the design is going fine, and it was pretty easy to get the location of the user, but I’m having trouble retrieving the JSON weather data from the Open Weather API, which I was recommended to use. I’ve not really been able to find a clear description of the fundamental technique either, so it’s proving difficult to figure out. As Anna told me though, if I don’t struggle with it, I’ll never learn.

Today I’m going to be revising and continuing with the weather app (hopefully figuring out how to retrieve the data). There’s also another pound sale at the East End Theift Store, where I’ll accompany Anna but try to avoid buying anything, as I’ve got too many clothes already!


One thought on “Diary – The Tranquil Thames

  1. The weather app sounds exciting. I’ve always wanted a weather app that advises me where to go on holiday next week by giving me a visual forecast for the next 5 days for a dozen of my favourite places, so I can pick the best one.


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