Diary – We Rescued a Plant

This morning I forgot to write the diary again! Yesterday morning, after writing my diary entry, I continued with the freeCodeCamp weather app, but to be honest I’ve not made much headway, which is slightly frustrating, especially as I’m not even sure which element of the project is the problem, so I’m going to have to really strip it back to work out where I’ve gone wrong.

After working on that for a while, Anna woke up and we wandered down to the East End Thrift Store for the pound sale, where we were meeting a couple of her friends who were very excited to see what it was like. In the end, we all ended up waiting about half an hour in the rain for it to open, but once we got inside it was pretty successful – Anna got a couple of things and her friends got loads, one of them filling one regular bag and two black bin bags! I got a pair of trousers as well – I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to get anything, but I have been looking for a lighter pair for summer, as I really have something against wearing shorts! After bagging our bargains me and Anna left her friends and wandered home – resisting the smell of Rinkoff’s bakery! – passing a plant that was lying in the midst of a smashed plant-pot on the pavement opposite our flat. Whilst we were having lunch, Anna convinced me to go and rescue it, although I didn’t think we had a pot big enough, so I scuttled out across the road and picked it up. For now, we’ve put it in a pot which I think is slightly too small, but we’ll look around for a bigger one if it shows signs of staying alive. In other plant news, the first shoots of the salad I planted are beginning to emerge! I’m always amazed at how fast they grow.

Rescue mission completed, I carried on (unsuccessfully) with coding, and did some revision, partly using the random quote generator I made, which is actually coming in quite handy!

As of writing this I’ve still not made much progress with the weather app, but I did walk Anna to uni with my bike and cycle back (via Cafe Nero to use one of the many full cards my mum and grandparents supply us with!), which was nice. In Cafe Nero I was supposed to write this diary entry, but I forgot. Instead, I did some creative writing, which I’ve not done enough of recently, so it was nice to get back to it. Now I’m sitting on the balcony listening to the racket of the scaffolding being taken down across the road – very noisy, but it’s such a nice day I don’t want to stay inside! Whilst I’m out here I might do a bit more writing and revision, and later I’ll give the coding another go.


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