Diary – Trying to Change the Way I Write

After I’d finished writing my diary entry yesterday, I went in off the balcony to make lunch, and then back outside to eat it whilst listening to a bit more of Elon Musk’s biography. I’m still enjoying it, particularly the sections about his all-round character and personal life, as these seem to give the most insight into how he has succeeded in many different fields, rather than any specific one. After listening to that for a while, I wrote a bit more, though I’m a very slow writer. This is something I’m trying to change, as I think it’s due to a kind of self-consciousness – even though no one is necessarily going to read what I write, I overthink each sentence, wanting it to sound just right instead of just getting my ideas down on the page, and then revising them afterwards. Like I said, I’m trying to change this and self-censor less, but we’ll see how that goes.

Moving into the afternoon, it got pretty chilly out on the balcony so I went inside and did some revision at my desk. I also looked into my the problems I’m having with programming the weather app for freeCodeCamp, but realised that I didn’t really understand enough of the fundamentals of the process to figure out where I’d gone wrong. Today I’m going to read over some basics (particularly on jQuery) that should help me out.

After Anna got home (she’d ben to uni and then out with friends to a big fabric warehouse) and we had tea, we went to see the second Guardians of the Galaxy film. To be honest, we were both pretty surprised that we’d liked the first one so much, as it didn’t seem like our kind of thing, but we had really enjoyed it so we were looking forward to the sequel. In the end we didn’t think the second one was quite as good, but it definitely wasn’t a disappointment as we both had fun, which is really what the film is all about. The only thing that particularly annoyed me about it – and this goes for the majority of films we see at the cinema – was that so many of the jokes and funny clips were in the trailer that they weren’t even funny any more when it came to the actual film! I understand that they want to show the best bits to a potential audience, but that really takes away from the experience of a lot of films, for me.

Today I’ll be reading over the programming basics, as I mentioned before, and having a go at some past paper questions. Exams are coming up fast!

Image courtesy of: bleedingcool.net


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