Diary – Past Papers, Progress, and Pie

Yesterday I woke up at 6 to my alarm, but then hit snooze for a while, which is something that’s becoming a habit, even though it requires me to get up, walk across the room, turn the alarm off, get back into bed, and then get back up to turn the alarm off a second time. It’s really silly; I should just get up properly the first time.

When I got up I had breakfast as usual and tried to identify the problems with my coding project, which I wouldn’t properly work out until later in the day. When Anna got up, she got an email telling her that her lecture had been cancelled, so she wasn’t in uni until the afternoon, but I had revision to do. After revising my quotes and (admittedly) procrastinating a bit, I finally got down to doing a past paper question, to work out my timing and how much I can fit into an hour-long essay. I ended up writing about four pages, with 15 minutes planning time and about 5 seconds left on the clock by the end of the essay. I’m quite glad I got this much written down, but after an exam question i’m always left feeling that I should have written so much more and gone so much deeper on each point – I’m not sure, for subjects without concrete answers, like English, how representative an exam paper is of the student’s knowledge, but oh well – I don’t make the rules!

After I’d finished the exam question we had lunch and then Anna set off for uni, whilst I finally figured out what was wrong with my freeCodeCamp project – after all that, it’s just that part of the project isn’t compatible with Chrome! For now, whilst I’m learning, i’ve just switched to Safari, to work without compatibility issues, but I might return to the project in the future, when I have more knowledge, to sort it out.

After I’d worked that out, I popped to the shops to buy some Quorn pieces and got started making a Quorn and vegetable pie for tea. It’s always a pretty confusing ordeal making a pie, as I use different sections from about three different recipes – I’ll have to write down how I do it for the future! It turned out pretty good, though, with enough pastry for jam tarts, too, and there’s some pie left over for lunch (hooray!) After tea I did a bit more revision and we watched the usual Madmen, as well as a new comedy, Dear White People, which seems pretty good so far.

Today I’ll be (and already have been) working on the newly-working weather app, and will also be revising quotes, doing another past paper question, and eating pie.

For the featured image, I looked back through the pictures that I’d taken on this day in the past couple of years, and found this one from 2015. I’m surprised it’s only been two years since I read On the Road!


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