Diary – Finishing the Weather App

As predicted, yesterday was pretty much just revision. In the morning I did a little bit of coding and reading, but once Anna was up I got stuck into revising my quotes (almost there!) whilst she was sewing, and then carried on when she set off to uni. Whilst she was at uni, I was intending to have a go at another past paper question, but she was home earlier than expected, so we popped down to Sainsbury’s to get bread and milk etc. We get our bread from Sainsbury’s because we enjoy the big crusty loaves – living a life of luxury!

Later on, when we got back, I did have a go at the past paper question – one from the ‘Criticism and Theory’ exam, which is the one I have on Monday. It went pretty well, I think, though I’ve never had to do a commentary on a piece of critical theory before, so I don’t really know how to judge the quality of my answer. I got all of my ideas down within the time limit, anyway, so that’s a good sign.

After I’d finished I made tea whilst Anna carried on with her sewing – stir fry, which is one of my favourites to make! – and then revised some more quotes in the shower (see Mum, I can multitask). Finally, I watched Madmen with Anna before bed, a welcome break from revision.

This morning I’ve been working on the ‘Local Weather App’ project for freeCodeCamp, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times. After a bit of confusion over how to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit by clicking the temperature display, I worked it out by myself, which I was pleased at as it shows that I have more understanding of how those functions actually work than I did before. It’s all finished now, and if you’re interested you can have a look at: Weather App. Let me know if you find anything wrong with it!

Today we’ll be doing the shopping and, of course, more revision!


9 thoughts on “Diary – Finishing the Weather App

    1. Thanks! I’ve been following the freeCodeCamp curriculum, which has only really involved the weather app and a random quote generator, which are both on my CodePen. I’ll be doing more pretty soon, though!

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      1. To be honest I’m just taking it at my own pace for now, as I’m at uni for another two years anyway and it’s really more of a hobby (obviously with potential to come in handy in the future). I’ve really enjoyed freeCodeCamp so far, though!


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