Diary – That Time of the Week Again!

Every week, when Saturday comes around and it’s time to do the shopping, I wonder where the time went; I’m convinced that the days are shorter in London than they were in Lytham or Lancaster! Also, on the subject of surprising timeframes, the chili shoots are up already (pictured above). I’m always amazed by how fast the plants grow, even though I’m informed that it’s pretty typical.

I spent yesterday morning coding and, as I mentioned yesterday, finishing off the weather app project on CodePen, which I linked in yesterday’s diary entry. Whilst I was working on that and a bit of quote revising Anna popped down to the vintage shop, where she got a free £10 bag to fill (an offer they run quite often). I would say she got some bargains, but I’m not sure they even count as bargains if you didn’t pay for them! When she got back we got our bikes ready (I pumped up my tires again – now I’m feeling the bumps!) and set off to the shops on our usual route through the Victoria Park. When we finished we packed it all up in our rucksacks and Anna’s pannier and headed home to eat the pastries we’d bought for lunch.

After lunch I got back to revision – no past paper yesterday, just quote revising. Tomorrow is my first exam, though it’s not one that required much revision. After going over the quotes a few more times we made tea and then I did a little more coding. When I went to mark the weather app assignment as complete on freeCodeCamp I noticed that they’d updated the challenge details from the day before, explaining the compatibility issues that I struggled with when I was making it, and which held me up for quite a while – I wish they’d informed me beforehand! Anyway, it’s all done now and I’m on to the next challenge – a ‘Wikipedia Viewer’, which returns a random article or the first few relevant articles for any particular search term. This morning I’ve already sorted out the random article section, but I imagine the search section is going to be a bit more difficult.

This morning I’m taking Anna to Rinkoff’s for breakfast and then, for the rest of the day, I’ll be revising (of course), and perhaps doing some more coding.


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