Diary – One Down, Two to Go!

Ok, so this morning I completely forgot to write a diary post, but it was the morning of my first exam, so I think I can use that as an excuse. Also, I did want to try writing my diary entries in the evening instead of the morning at some point, so this seems like a good incentive to transition.

This morning I was out of the flat at around 8am, whilst Anna was still in bed, as I wanted to be sure that I got to uni on time – regardless of any flat tires etc. – and, preferably, with enough time for a relaxing drink in Cafe Nero. Luckily I avoided any potential disasters, and so that’s just what I did, using one of the fully-stamped cards from my supply. When I’d sat there for a bit, reading and going over some last-minute revision, I headed off to the ‘Darwin Building’, which I’ve never been in before, but it was easy to find nevertheless as it was just across the courtyard from the building I’m normally in. When I got there, there was already quite a large crowd outside the lecture theatre – normally I’m the one who’s standing around on my own when I arrive early to lectures or seminars, but obviously everyone was just as paranoid as me when it came to being on time for the exam. Just before ten we were let in and filed into the rows where our exam papers were lined up and there was no messing about, just a few brief instructions and then we were told we would begin. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how it went in the end; I felt like I rambled on a but in both of the unseen commentaries, but the critical text commentary seemed to go ok – I chose Wordsworth’s Preface to Lyrical Ballads, which was one of the texts I was hoping would come up. Overall, I could be happier with how it went, but at least I got everything I wanted to write down in time – I can never judge how well these things have gone anyway.

After the exam I met Daniel, who I’ve not properly spoken to in person for quite a while, so it was nice to catch up with him. I was planning to go and buy lunch with him somewhere after the exam, but instead he offered to make me some pasta back at his student halls, so I wasn’t going to complain. Back at the halls I chatted with a few of Daniel’s flatmates, who are all very friendly and get on with each other really well and after lunch we ended up playing a word game – I think it was called Bananagrams? – which was fun – I think it helps that I was pretty good at it ;). Later in the afternoon I cycled back home (glad to be properly back on my bike!) and pottered about until Anna got home. Tonight we were going to go to a showing of The Dark Knight Rises at the Genesis, but we’ve decided against it, mostly because it goes on for three hours and finishes at 11.45!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to revising, mostly for my Old and Middle English exam on Wednesday, which involves quite a bit of translation.

I was right, it is called Bananagrams – I looked it up for the picture!


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