Diary – Old English and Picnics

I’ve not written a diary post for the last couple of days. I suppose I’ve been all caught up with exams and revision and, as a result, I’ve not done any coding either. My last exam is tomorrow, though, so I should be back to normal soon enough.

Yesterday was my Old and Middle English exam, which I think went alright, especially considering that this is the area I’ve liked least about the course (which isn’t to say that I don’t like it – my interests just lie elsewhere). The first section of the exam involved writing a short commentary on a section of The Wanderer in its original Old English (a whole different language, as you can see in the picture!) and everyone was very pleased as the section ended up being the first 30 lines of the poem, though it was kind of annoying that I’d devoted so much time to learning the whole text. This section also involved translating a very short piece of completely unseen Old English text, which was about Nebuchadnezzar (I hope!), which was pretty tough but I did end up with something that kind of made sense, so I’m going to hope for the best. Walking out of the exam, I was pretty happy to realise that I wouldn’t have to do any Old English translation again (unless I have to resit the exam!), and can mostly focus on the more modern areas that I enjoy, though there is one compulsory Chaucer module next year.

Me and Anna had arranged to meet at the place where the Hare Krishna monk hands out free food to students, but Anna ended up having to stay longer at uni, so free curry was off the cards. Instead, whilst cycling home, I decided to the weather was far too lovely to waste, so swerved off to Victoria Park instead of home, via Sainsbury’s to pick up some picnicky food. When I got to Victoria Park I sat out on the grass in glorious sun, ate my lunch, and read some of Alain de Botton’s On Seeing and Noticing, which my Dad bought me for my birthday but I hadn’t really got around to yet. It’s a really lovely book full of observations that celebrate how wonderful life can be (regardless of faith and philosophy), encouraging people to observe the trivialities of the world with more care. After a while Anna joined me and we sat for quite a while together, as the afternoon only kept getting warmer, before heading off home to make a curry.

Today I’ll be doing the final revisions of my quotes for the Narrative Texts paper, which also includes texts from my Intellectual and Cultural Sources module. Steph’s coming for tea this evening, which should be really nice – I think we’re having some of the stew we saved a while ago!

Edit: I forgot to mention that we went to the cinema last night as well, to see Lady Macbeth! I thought it was brilliant – really complex characters and atmosphere – but Anna didn’t like it at all! She’s really not a fan of ‘bad’ characters, whereas I like them the best (as long as they’re three-dimensional enough to be interesting)! Ah well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

The featured image is of the manuscript for The Wanderer, courtesy of The Norse Mythology Blog.


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