Diary – Exams are Over!

Yesterday was the last exam of my first year at university. Barring the day I go in to collect my results (June 1st, I think), I won’t be back there until late September, which is nice, as it gives me a break, but also kind of disappointing, as I really enjoy cycling in and going to lectures etc. I am looking forward to getting the reading list for next year, though, and being able to work through that in my free time.

For the exam I woke up at my usual time, giving me a couple of hours before it was time to set off, in which I mostly went over my quotes to make sure they were fresh in my mind. Then, at 8am, I set off from the flat, with Anna still in bed, mumbling an incoherent goodbye. This left me enough time to go and get a free coffee in Cafe Nero, which I’ve made a habit of to relax a bit before my exams, and then I went to sit in Russell Square park for a while, where I was accosted by a man who insisted I was confusing him because I look like a girl. Obviously my moustache isn’t doing the trick.

I then wandered to the lecture hall and waited outside for a while before sitting the exam, which went better than the other two I’ve sat, at least. When I’d finished I pedalled back home, hungry for lunch, and got caught in an almighty shower of rain, which made me laugh as it reminded me of biblical floods, or the flood at the end of Mill on the Floss (one of my exam texts), only it didn’t signify the end of the world – just my exams. It was pretty fun cycling home in the rain anyway – the air was warm and muggy so the cold drops were refreshing, although I did have to change my entire outfit when I got home.

After lunch I read for a while – a short story and an essay from Julian Barnes’ Through the Window, which is about the craft of literature, alongside a bit of ‘literary gossip’. For tea, we decided to go out somewhere to celebrate the end of my exams – any excuse! – and we decided (or, should I say, Anna decided) on ‘Pizza Union’ (pictured above), which is across near Spitalfields Market. In the end, Anna’s judgement proved to be good (as always) and we really enjoyed the pizza – especially seeing as it was so cheap! We’ll definitely be going back there again at some point in the future.

When we got home we watched some more of Mad Men, and we’ve finally reached the section I’d previously watched up to, so everything is new to me now (though I couldn’t remember it before anyway).

Today I’ll be shopping with Anna and getting back to doing some coding, which I’ve missed for the last few days to focus on revision.


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