Diary – An Elegy for My Laptop Charger

Yesterday was shopping day. We’d intended to set off for the shops around 10, but in the end – after I’d chatted on the phone for a long time with my dad, Amy, and my grandma, and Anna had been on the phone with her mum and dad – we ended up setting off at half 11! As usual we bought our lunch from Lidl and ate it when we’d cycled back home with all of the food.

After lunch I began writing my CV, gathering information on how best to go about it from a few different sources, whilst Anna worked on her uni project. I also opened tabs for lots of summer internships/work placements I’ll be applying for, which I found on a website recommended by Anna, mostly in marketing/journalism. Whilst I was working, though, I began to smell burning, and when I leant down to check what it might be, burnt the tip of my finger on my laptop charger, where the wire’s become exposed due to the rubber seal where it joins to the charging pack, which everyone complains about – and rightly so! Obviously I hastily unplugged it from the socket (it’s a good job I nocticed it so soon!), though this was pretty inconvenient as my laptop was on 5% charge. It was also pretty inconvenient because of the price of Apple’s cables, though I got a genuine replacement much cheaper than those at the Apple Store, which should be here in a couple of days. Until then I can work on my CV on my iPad (I realise that I’m very privileged, so shouldn’t really be complaining in the first place), though my extensive list of work placements is sadly lost. I also won’t be able to do any coding in the meantime, which is a shame, as I wanted to get back into it as soon as possible.

Anna was feeling pretty rubbish yesterday, on very little sleep, so hopefully she slept better last night! 


One thought on “Diary – An Elegy for My Laptop Charger

  1. I always recommend preparing your CV on LinkedIn, it then let’s you produce PDF versions of it in all the different styles automatically and there are lots of other benefits, of course you still need to do the hard work of writing the content

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