Diary – A Balcony Day

Yesterday the weather was lovely and warm and I had little to do, so I was feeling very lucky that we found a flat with a balcony! In the morning I got up at the usual time and read for a while (whilst I would normally be coding) before Anna woke up.

Pretty soon, the sun tempted me out onto the balcony, as it shines directly on it in the morning, which is lucky, as its my favourite time to be sat out there and heats it up for the rest of the day. Whilst I was out there I wrote for quite a while before lunch, which I also ate outside whilst Anna sat with me, taking a break from her copious amounts of uni work. After lunch I made Anna’s lunch as well, and again she sat outside with me.

After we’d both finished and Anna had gone back inside to do her work, I spoke on the phone with my mum for a while, watching the junction leading onto Commercial Road (we’re on the corner), where cars fly out without looking, resulting in a lot of near misses – dangerous, but pretty entertaining at the same time! 

Afterwards I got back to writing, getting much more done than I normally do – I’m really trying to be a bit more uninhibited when it comes to getting my ideas down on paper.

For tea I made some veggie stir fry which, again, we ate out on the balcony which, despite the fact the sun was long gone over the roof of our building, was still pretty warm – that kind of heat that just hangs in the air with no breeze to move it along.

Unfortunately, I’ve just looked at today’s weather forecast and it’s just a mass of rainclouds, so I doubt I’ll be enjoying the same leisurely time today. Still, if it warms up a bit later on I might get out onto the balcony – it’s always nice to sit outside under shelter when the rain is falling. I’m not sure if my laptop charger is going to come today, so I’m not really sure what my plans are, though I definitely intend to get some writing done again.


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