Diary – A Grey Day

Yesterday, unlike the day before, the weather was pretty grim – rainy, warm, and stuffy – so I didn’t have the luxury of basking in the morning sun on the balcony. 

Anna was supposed to be in uni from 10 til half 5, though she did get home a bit earlier than expected. Still, I spent most of the day by myself, reading and writing, still without my laptop charger. Although this is inconvenient in terms of looking for internships etc., I must admit that it’s been pretty nice to get more reading done and I’m enjoying the writing, too. The charger should come at some point today, anyway, so it’ll be back to reality then.

Before lunch I popped out to post some parcels for Anna (accompanied by a long wait in the post office) and to get some bit and bobs from Sainsbury’s, making use of a gap in the steady rain that drizzled the whole morning. I did get caught coming back, but luckily I didn’t get so wet I had to change my clothes this time!

After tea me and Anna went to the Genesis to see Miss Sloane. Normally I’m not a fan of political thrillers, but we both really enjoyed it – very tense with plenty of twists. Maybe I just haven’t been watching the right political thrillers! 

What I’m up to today, again, depends on whether my charger comes or not. The weather’s supposed to be really warm, though, if still a little wet, so whatever I do, I’ll probably do it on the balcony.

Featured image from eOne.com


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