Diary – Parcels and Papers

My new laptop charger was expected to arrive yesterday, but it’s still not here. I didn’t really mind, though – it meant I got plenty of reading and writing done.

In the morning I had a lie in until 7, as we’d had a pretty late night at the cinema. I realise that for a twenty-year-old living in London staying up until midnight probably shouldn’t be considered an issue but I was tired, ok? When I woke up I had a pretty relaxed morning (still without coding, unfortunately) and woke Anna up in time for her to set off for uni. Once she’d left I took another parcel to the post office for her. There were no Johnny Depp references this time, but the man behind the counter did joke that I was Anna’s assistant (a position I’m perfectly fine with – maybe she can employ me when she’s amassed a lingerie empire!).

When I got home it was super hot, despite being overcast, so I sat out on the balcony again whilst I wrote and ate lunch. In the afternoon, Amy sent me her last assignment of the year for her uni course, requesting that I look over it for grammar/rewording changes. It’s funny, I’ve always considered Amy as more of a friend than a ‘mother’ figure and the fact that we’re at uni simultaneously only adds to that feeling. The changes took a pretty long time, delaying Madmen, which we watched before going to bed. We were originally going to go to the cinema last night, but neither of us felt like it and we’re going tonight anyway.

Hopefully my laptop charger will arrive today!


2 thoughts on “Diary – Parcels and Papers

  1. I hate it when things don’t arrive when they’r supposed to especially if I paid a decent amount for it. Have a cool time at the movies tonight! and I hope your charger arrives!


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