Diary – Alien: Covenant (and some other stuff)

Yesterday was pretty relaxed. What am I saying? – every day is pretty relaxed! Anna wasn’t scheduled to go into uni, but she did anyway and, by the sounds of it, made a lot of progress with one of her tutors. No matter how many times she proves it, I’m always super impressed by her work ethic. This left me on my own again to get on with my writing (at my desk rather than on the balcony, unfortunately).

I wrote for quite a long time, as well; with a few breaks, I wrote pretty much all day, before and after lunch and up to teatime. Somehow, the story I’m writing seems to keep growing and branching off from the short story it originated as. This is fine, as I’m not particularly writing for anything and it allows me to experiment with structure (definitely one of my biggest weaknesses). At this point I think I have the narrative structure pretty much set, but it might all change next time I sit down to write, so we’ll see.

At some point in the afternoon my laptop charger arrived so I plugged it in and it worked just fine, but I wasn’t desperate to use my computer so I just left it to charge.

For tea we used up the last of the frozen stew in burritos and, afterwards, popped down to the cinema to see Alien: Covenant, which was good and prompted a lot of interesting conversation. I don’t think any of the Alien films will ever live up the original, though – for me, the more action-packed ones are no competition for that film’s creepy claustrophobia.

Today I want to get my CV written up and the chilli plants repotted. I also want to maintain my writing, though, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to devote enough time to that.

The featured image is H.R. Giger’s eponymous ‘alien’. 


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