Diary – Not Enough Hours in the Day!

I feel as if I had a pretty productive day yesterday (by my standards at least). In the morning I attempted some coding- I’m now working on the ‘Wikipedia Viewer’ app for freeCodeCamp, which I think I mentioned a few posts back, before I stopped to focus on my exams. It’s going ok, though I’m already a bit stuck on a couple of things – I’ll work them out eventually.

Soon after Anna got up she was at her sewing machine whilst I repotted the chilli plants on the balcony, and then she headed off to uni (voluntarily, again – is she trying to tell me something?). When she arrived home later in the morning, I’d also completed my CV and compiled a list of places to apply to for internships. Now I just have to go through the lot of them and write emails/cover letters for each one, which may take a while, and I’m not very confident in getting a place, anyway, as everywhere seems to be looking for at least second years, or even graduates in a lot of cases. 

For lunch Anna very kindly took me to Rinkoff’s after I walked with her to the post office, where we saw a businessman slip in the mud after looking down his nose at us whilst he watched a loud comedy show on his phone. He almost went fully down and looked incredibly embarrassed and we couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not saying he deserved it, but…

When we got home I worked on my writing for quite a while and then made a huge stew (11 portions over two pans), part of which we turned into soup for tea. We rounded off the day, of course, with a bit of Madmen.

Today I’ll be learning how to construct a cover letter and working on my writing.

The featured image is of the chilli plants – now in their separate pots.


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