Diary – The Applications Are Sent

After I’d woken up yesterday at the usual time, I worked a bit more on the Wikipedia app, making a little bit of progress, but not actually solving the main issue. When Anna woke up she was of to uni again, though not for long. Whilst she was gone I got some writing done.

When Anna arrived home we had lunch and then popped to Sainsbury’s to get some milk and bread and, when we got home, I wrote up some cover letters and emailed them off with my CV to each company on my list of internship vacancies. To be honest, I don’t expect to hear back from most of them as they’re probably looking for someone more qualified, but I can try.

This, along with some more writing, took a pretty long time, and afterwards I made some tea before going in the shower and watching some more Madmen (a particularly good episode, by the way). 

Today we’ll be doing the shopping – the weather looks lovely, so it should be nice to sit out in Victoria Park.

‘Vacancy’ image courtesy of ‘timlewisnm’ on Flickr.


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