Diary – A Tiring Day

Yesterday morning I woke up around the usual time, though I did snooze for ten minutes or so and read for a while after breakfast. After Anna had woken up and had breakfast we set off on our bikes to Lidl, accosted on our way out by the postman, who was excited to tell us all about the cycle lanes in Copenhagen, where he’s been recently. He’s a really lovely little man – it’s funny, I always feel that there’s much more of a community here than back in Lytham, where less people seem genuinely friendly (to me at least).

On our way through the park to the shops the weather was looking really good, but when we got out the clouds were threatening the forecasted rain, so we decided not to sit in the park. This is just as well, as Anna realised that there was no air in her back tire just as we were setting off home, so we ended up walking back with all of the shopping. It took about 50 minutes, but it definitely felt faster – mostly because we were noticing things we don’t normally see (concentrating on the road). The rain never came in the end, either, which was lucky.

After we’d arrived home, put the shopping away, and had lunch, we ventured straight back out to Halfords. At first we were just going to get an inner tube but when I had a closer look at the wheel I realised it was very different to mine and so I didn’t want to fiddle with it in case it was dangerous for Anna to ride. Instead, then, we wheeled the bike along with us and Anna asked the guy in Halfords how much it would cost. He said it was £10, but that he thought it was just deflated, not punctured! Sure enough, when Anna inflated it at the pump outside the air stayed in, so we’ll just have to check back today, so we know it’s not a slow puncture. On the way home Anna stopped off at the vintage shop so I cycled her bike back, stopping to retrieve my hat which had embarrassingly blown off in the wind! Luckily I don’t have that problem with my helmet.

When we got home, again, I chatted to my mum for a while on the phone and Benjamin (my little brother) asked if he could play a computer game with me, which we did for a while. I’ve have been promising to play with him since before my exams. I also got a bit of writing done, but not loads unfortunately, before we had tea.


One thought on “Diary – A Tiring Day

  1. Maybe there’s more of a sense of community in London, because you are interacting with more of Anna’s? I’ve noticed that she’s very good at building community wherever she is. In St Anne’s I’ve noticed a much richer community when I have a baby with me for example, not that Anna’s a baby (lol) but when she was, anywhere I wheeled their pram seemed to be a community rich zone.


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