Diary – Feeling Summery

Other than writing, I didn’t get up to all that much yesterday, so this diary entry will probably be shorter than normal. 

In the morning I woke at about half 6, as I was feeling pretty tired and hit snooze twice. Once I was up, I did the usual – breakfast and reading/coding. The coding isn’t progressing all that much at the moment but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, so I’m reading over the basics again to try and figure it out. I’m sure I’m probably making something quite simple much more difficult than it needs to be.

I spent pretty much the rest of the day writing out on the balcony, which was lovely and sunny, as well as sending off another internship application. Me and Anna also ate lunch out there and, later on, tea. Even though it doesn’t get the sun in the evening, the balcony stays warm pretty late – it’s supposed to get even hotter later in the week so I imagine we’ll be spending quite a lot of time out there, as well as the park! 

After tea and before we watched Madmen, I popped out to Sainsbury’s to get Anna some apple juice (they only had apple and raspberry, but that was sufficient). I always forget how busy it still is at night here!

The featured image is of the sunset between buildings, as seen from our kitchen window, on the opposite side of the flat to the balcony.


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