Diary – T-Shirt Weather!

Yesterday was the the first day that I’ve worn only a t-shirt all day and not felt cold at any point. In the morning I woke as normal and, when Anna woke up, I walked her to uni with my bike, before diverting to Cafe Nero. Here, I got on with my writing (enjoying an iced latte – with a full loyalty card, of course), staying for a little over an hour. When I was done I set off from where I’d locked my bike (a strange set of bike racks on an island in the middle of two, two-laned roads) and pedalled home with the sun on my back.

Originally, I’d intended to make some lunch and take it with me to the park, but I ended up getting too wrapped up in writing on the balcony, so ate my lunch there to save time. In the end, I got a lot of pages written, and now I’m going to move onto typing it up to get a sense of the overall structure and what needs editing.

Anna was at uni pretty much all day and, just before she left, she messaged asking if I wanted to go and share a pizza at Pizza Union, the place we went to a little while ago. Silly question – why would I turn down pizza? Once again I went up to her uni to meet her (riding my bike this time) and we wandered back in the heat of the early evening. At the pizza place there are plenty of tables outside and it was lovely to sit out in the shade and watch passersby as we ate.

When we arrived home we sat out on the balcony for a while before Anna went in for a lie down. She was really tired and ended up falling asleep very early – when I went in to check on her she even turned down watching an episode of Madmen! So, instead, I watched the newest episode of Better Call Saul and read for a while before bed.

The featured image was the view from the balcony at 7pm – it looked like the middle of the afternoon on a summers day!


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