Diary – Cafe Nero Pt.II

Yesterday I went to Cafe Nero for the second day in a row – no wonder I’m running low on loyalty cards! In the morning I got up at the usual time and, once Anna was up, we set off first to the post office, then to Halfords, to collect her bike. Yep, as we predicted, her tire did have a puncture, despite the denial of the man in Halfords. I don’t want to tar them all with the same brush, but I don’t think, in the whole time we’ve been here, we’ve had anything properly sorted by the people in Halfords, and I’ve never very friendly, either! That being said, it could just be me, and it’s the cheapest bike shop near us so I guess we’ll manage.

When we’d picked Anna’s bike up we cycled down to Spitalfields (following the blue cycle highway all the way) and swerved off to Cafe Nero, where we got a drink before Anna left for uni. When she did, I cycled back home. I was originally going to go to the park, but the weather wasn’t particularly great, so I just did my writing there. 

When Anna got home she carried on working whilst I made tea. Afterwards we were going to watch the new Twin Peaks but, to my dismay, Anna was too tired and had an early morning, so we just watched one episode of Madmen instead. We’re watching it tonight, though! I’m also going to a lecture by Laura Mulvey this evening – It’ll be strange to see her in person as she’s an academic that I’ve written about all through college and uni.

The featured image is the forecast for the week. Yesterday it was all sunny, but now it’s changed its mind. 😦 Still, I suppose we can’t complain.


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