Diary – Laura Mulvey, Lynch and a Close Call

Yesterday morning I got up around the usual time but Anna woke up earlier than normal to go into uni. When she’d left, I sat out on the balcony (obviously) typing up my writing, which is an interesting process as I’ve not really read over the text since I wrote it and lots of changes/additions will have to be made. Sat in the full sun, I was getting so hot that I even put shorts on! This is not something that I do if I can avoid it but I reasoned that I wasn’t going out anywhere and the heat wasn’t worth it. Because I never wear shorts I actually had to wear my long swimming shorts, but they did the trick.

After lunch I started on some housework, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. This took a while and, after doing some more writing as well, I then made myself an early tea of stew from the freezer. When I’d finished and Anna had fixed a hole in my trousers (thanks Anna!) I set off on my bike for the ICA, which was a lovely (but boiling) ride as it followed a cycle highway all the way, running alongside the river. However, when I got to the underpass just for bikes that passes under Blackfriars Bridge, there were some boys on bikes stood blocking my part of the path. I was going pretty fast and one of them turned his bike right in front of me, forcing me to slam on my brakes and almost go over the handlebars, dropping onto the crossbar (ouch!) and stumbling over my bike. It was pretty embarrassing, I must admit, with all those teenage boys watching.

Anyway, I survived and got to the ICA (which is on the Mall) just fine (if a little sweaty), in plenty of time to collect my ticket. Laura Mulvey’s lecture was ok, but she pretty much just read from a script and her ideas weren’t necessarily groundbreaking (apparently they were still in progress). When the talk finished I considered sitting in St James’ park to read for a while, but then remembered we had Twin Peaks to watch, so cycled back. I did enjoy Twin Peaks – of course I missed the old format as it’s changed quite a lot, but I was expecting that and trust David Lynch to take it somewhere interesting.

The featured image is of a building on Whitehall yesterday evening, when I got briefly lost on the way home.


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