Diary – Steve Arrives (and More David Lynch)

I’ve woken up really late twice in as many days now. This morning I didn’t really have an excuse, but yesterday we had gone to bed very late, after watching the super-long first episode of Twin Peaks. 

When I’d woken up yesterday, a bit before 8 (I think), I got up and had breakfast with Anna, who then cycled off to uni. Whilst she was gone I continued typing up my writing on the hot balcony and, after lunch, she returned. When she got back I realised that the tickets to the film we were going to watch that evening weren’t in my wallet, where I thought I’d left them, so Anna had a look for them whilst I went out and bought her some lunch. When I got back she’d had no luck (I probably threw them away by accident – I’ve had them for ages) so I called the cinema and asked if they would have a record of it. I ended up having to call them back again, because at first I asked for the wrong thing, but it all worked out fine.

Before tea, Steve arrived, but only briefly before he set out to meet Steph. After tea, we wandered down to the cinema, where they easily tracked down our tickets (they’re so nice and friendly in there). The film was David Lynch – The Art Life, and it was a really interesting insight into his early life, primarily his painting, which is often overshadowed by his film. After we’d arrived home and I’d read for a while Steve got back and we spent the rest of the evening chatting on the balcony, which was a really enjoyable way to end the day. As Anna said, it reminded us of being in Italy, sitting outside in the warm evening.


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