Diary – Tooth Troubles

Yesterday morning I forgot to write a diary entry, but I’m going to chalk it up to being distracted by a toothache that kept me awake in the night. I chipped a tooth a long time ago and the exposed bit had decayed. For a long time I’d just avoided eating on it, but by yesterday morning it was really quite bad (completely my own fault for not getting it sorted sooner). I ended up calling the emergency dentist service, which was really helpful and got me an appointment at 10.40 that morning, in East Ham.

This only gave me a little while to get ready, feeling sorry for myself, before I had to set off to Whitechapel tube station to travel to East Ham. I didn’t cycle because it was quite a long way and I wanted to be sure I’d get there on time. When I arrived I was pretty early but had to wander around East Ham (not my favourite place, I’ve discovered) looking for a cash machine. I then filled in the many forms at the dentist but the procedure itself (a root canal, which has to be completed at my next appointment, apparently) was really quick. The dentist and his assistant were lovely, too – I don’t know how they stay that cheerful looking in people’s mouths all day! 

Procedure finished, I hopped on the tube back home and, when I arrived back at the flat I had lunch, not considering that half of my mouth was still completely numb and therefore pretty useless when it came to eating. I then did some typing up and editing, as well as a bit of reading, before Anna arrived home and we had tea on the balcony (which I was much more able to eat by that time). After tea Steve arrived back at the flat and we spent the evening chatting about music and books (particularly the value of fictional stories). Anna was sewing and chatting simultaneously, because she’s talented like that.

The featured image is of the shadow cast by a plant on the record player whilst we talked.


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