Diary – Queues, Coding and Cloths

Yesterday I woke at around 6 and sat reading for a while before getting up to get breakfast, just catching a glimpse of Steve before he left for the day. When Anna had woken up we headed out to Lidl, where we parked our bikes and popped round to the big textiles warehouse nearby. Here, Anna sifted through all of the fabrics for a friend’s project whilst I admired some flats just outside, with huge windows and nice interiors. I looked them up online – a little above our budget. Anna eventually found the fabric her friend wanted but (after much deliberation) they decided not to buy any that day.

We arrived back at Lidl just in time for its opening at 11, joining the huge queue (more of a crowd) that was huddled outside. After getting the shopping we cycled back home and ate lunch in the balcony. After lunch the sun disappeared and the weather went downhill so I moved inside to try and get some writing done. I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind though; I only got a bit of editing done before I moved on to coding (which I’ve not made any progress with for a while). Finally, I worked out some of the issues with the project I’m doing, so hopefully I’m on my way to getting it sorted.

In the evening we had a lovely tea of halloumi, homemade chips, and roasted veg (with beetroot and tiny tomatoes, for me) before Steve arrived back. We then spent the rest of the evening chatting which was lovely, as usual. I also spoke to my mum on the phone (we’d been missing each others’ calls all day) out on the balcony, where she told me about some trouble Benjamin’s been having. He’s at a reenactment of some battle this weekend, though – I hope he watches out for the cannonballs! 


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