Diary – I’ve Finally Started Running Again!

Yesterday I woke up at 6 and, after faffing about for a while and downloading some podcasts, went out for a run. I’ve been meaning to get back into running for a while now but kept putting it off, so I was glad to have started again, though I definitely suffered for my time away. To ease myself back into it I ran a paltry 2 miles through Wapping Woods and the park on the Thames and then back to the flat, though I did it at a decent pace. Whilst I ran I listened to a TedTalk by Stuart Russell about AI, which was as funny as it was interesting. 

Back home, after a shower, I made Anna and myself some breakfast and we sat with Steve whilst we ate, who then set off for the day. Anna was making up some orders pretty much all day so I decided to work on my coding project (which I improved, but am now stuck on all over again).

There was no balcony lunch or tea yesterday, unfortunately, as the weather wasn’t great, but the cheesy sweet potato, halloumi, squash and beetroot pasta we had made up for it. Before bed we watched an episode of Madmen and one of Red Oaks, a comedy we’ve been watching and enjoying.

The featured image is of  Shadwell Basin, where I often run.


One thought on “Diary – I’ve Finally Started Running Again!

  1. Running is such a joy, I’m so pleased you’ve started again, although it’s one of the few things that I get jealous about. One of these days I will be able to restart, at least that’s what I keep telling myself to keep the hope alive. Oh and Anna, just add one lamp post a week and soon you will be running!

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