Diary – Cloud and Conversation

Yesterday morning I hit snooze a lot of times – I’m not quite sure why my willpower was so lacking. Anyway, I finally got up just before 7 and had breakfast and did some coding before Anna set off for uni at 9.

Again, the weather wasn’t particularly great – warm but cloudy and muggy – so I mostly stayed inside whilst I carried on coding and wrote for a while. Anna got back before I had lunch, bearing hundreds of meters of elastics etc., which her uni were giving away. After showing me all of this, we decided that she should definitely go back and get more as it’s stuff she uses very often and they were otherwise just going to throw it away, so she cycled back there whilst I had lunch – yesterday’s tea.

When Anna arrived home we popped out to the post office and then on to Sainsbury’s for some bits and bobs. I then wrote some more for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, when Steve arrived back at the flat and I began making a late(ish) tea. During and after tea we chatted with Steve for a long while. I’ve really enjoyed talking with Steve each evening that he’s been here – conversation (especially with someone much smarter than me, and in different areas) is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. We talked about books, memory and the philosophers we like, amongst many other things, before bed, at which point I was pretty tired.

The featured image shows the plethora of different elastics that Anna managed to snag.


2 thoughts on “Diary – Cloud and Conversation

  1. I enjoyed it a lot too Thom, although it was quite a novel experience as I have almost all of my long conversations while out walking. I doubt you find many people to talk to ‘smarter’ than you, it’s all perspective


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