Diary – Running Day 2 

Yesterday morning I went for a run – I’ve stuck to my every-other-day routine for a couple of days, at least – on the same route as last time. It might just be a coincidence, but it already seems to be getting easier again. Whilst I was running I listened to Brett Easton Ellis’ podcast – he’s a bit blunt occasionally but he has an interesting perspective slightly different to my own, which I enjoy on top of admiring his writing. When I got home and had a shower I woke Anna so she could say bye to Steve, who was leaving early. 

A while after he left, Anna left for uni as well so I did some writing on my own as well as watching some interviews on YouTube. My granny also called so I spoke to her for a while – it’s always lovely to hear what’s going on up north, even if it’s just normal, day-to-day stuff. When Anna got home we made stir fry for tea and watched an episode of Madmen alongside an episode of the new Twin Peaks, both on the projector. All of the seemingly random storylines of the first three hours of Twin Peaks seem to be coming together now, though they’re still pretty enigmatic. As I’ve said before, though, I trust David Lynch to know what he’s doing – even if nobody else has a clue! 

Today is the day my exam results are put up at uni, but I’m going to collect them tomorrow instead as I have a tutorial meeting over that way anyway.


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