Diary – Walking Along the River

Yesterday I woke up at 6 but it wasn’t a running day so I got some writing done after breakfast and before Anna got up. Although she didn’t originally plan to, Anna decided to go into uni, so left me reading on the balcony. I must admit, when she’d left, I did doze off for a couple of minutes – the sun was so warm! 

After I’d managed to get myself moving, though, I packed up some lunch (salad and apple) and set off to walk along the ornamental canal, then the river, where I crossed Tower Bridge and followed the south bank to the Cafe Nero by the Golden Hind (it is the best kind of walk that ends in a coffee shop). I like it there because there is a good view of the river and the people passing by, and the upstairs seating is usually very quiet and relaxed. I stayed here for a while and finished off typing up my writing, which I’ll now go through a third time to make any changes to its structure or sections that still need editing.

As I walked back there was an alarm going off at Tower Bridge and they were hurrying people across as if it was going to open. It didn’t, which was disappointing. On the way home I stopped off in a park with views of the bridge and the Shard to eat my lunch, listening to Sam Harris’ podcast (as recommended by Steve). On the way to Cafe Nero I’d also listened to another of Bret Easton Ellis’. When I got home I made Anna some lunch before we went out to the trimmings shop (she needed some bits for her uni project) and Sainsbury’s. When we got home I read some more before we made tea (more salad, but with Quorn) and then talked on the phone with my dad and watched Madmen before bed.

The featured image shows the view out of the Cafe Nero window.


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