Diary – Results Day

Yesterday I got up at 6 to set off for a run. I’m still not running too far, but I decided to change my route, running down the ornamental canal and back along the road that runs parallel to the Thames and through Wapping. Whilst I ran I listened to the rest of the podcast I didn’t finish yesterday, which was pretty much the perfect length for my run.

When I got home I ate breakfast and, when Anna was up, set off for the dentist on Whitechapel High St, where I had a registration appointment. It all went pretty smoothly, though I have to call back to schedule for them to finish off the root canal (filling it) that I got on Sunday. I did end up being slightly late, but only because the three separate cash machines I went to (why do dentists not take card???) were out of order. After the dentist I walked home, finished Bend Sinister (which was ok, but not great) and had lunch before setting off for uni.

The cycle to Bloomsbury was pretty nice and I got there in plenty of time to park up at Russell Square and walk around to the Cafe Nero on Tottenham Court Road for a coffee before my tutorial meeting. Here, I edited some of my writing, which is really coming together now. After Cafe Nero I walked down to uni and had a look at the results which were posted on the notice board – I passed at least! In the meeting that followed I was told that I got a 2-1, but this was the average of one high mark (the Criticism paper, predictably) and two at the lower end. I got some good feedback, though, which will be helpful in the future. This was the last meeting I’m going to have with that tutor, which is a shame as I got on well with her.

After the meeting I bumped into Daniel, who I’d been meaning to message anyway, and we went for a drink in the cafe in Russell Square. We had a really nice chat, which was made even better by a thunderstorm with really heavy rain. We were sitting outside, but under a ledge, so it was really pleasant to watch and listen to the rain. After the storm died off a little I left Daniel and cycled home, where Anna met me and I called my mum and grandparents to tell them about my results. Me and Anna then walked to Sainsbury’s. To celebrate my results (any excuse) we got a pizza from here and some cake as well, enjoying an uncharacteristically unhealthy tea when we got home. 

Before bed we watched Madmen and an episode of Red Oaks.

The featured image shows Nabokov, the author of Bend Sinister, because nobody wants to look at a piece of paper with some grades on it.


One thought on “Diary – Results Day

  1. Congratulations Thom, a very high grade and two lower one’s is great news, lots of opportunity for relatively easy improvement and 2:1 is impressive in it’s own right! I’m looking forward to read some of this writing now that it’s coming together 🙂

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