Diary – Fairy Lights 

Yesterday I woke at 6 and read for a while after breakfast, before Anna got up, had her breakfast, and set off for uni. When she left the weather wasn’t particularly nice so I stayed inside, read some articles, and did some jobs around the house (washing etc.). I also replaced the hooks that fasten the fairly lights to the wall, some of which have fallen off, which involved standing precariously on a folding chair. I survived, though, and they’re looking good. My granny also called to talk about my results, which was nice.

After lunch I was going to have a walk to check out the Cafe Nero at Canary Wharf and do a bit of work there, but in the end me and Anna decided that I should walk to the one on Liverpool Street instead, to meet her on her way back from uni. When I set off the sun had come out and it was pretty hot so the walk was pleasant. At Cafe Nero I did more work on my writing for a while before Anna arrived and had a drink. We then walked back home for tea.

Before bed we watched another episode of Madmen.


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