Diary – Lunch in the Park

Yesterday morning I got up at 6 and at half past I went for a run – through Wapping, around Shadwell Basin, and onto the Thames. When I got back I had a shower and breakfast before Anna woke up and, later on in the morning, we set off to Lidl on our bikes.

After doing the shopping we cycled back through Victoria Park and stopped for about an hour in the sun, eating our pastries and watching the dogs go by. There were also a lot of boats on the lake, which were fun to watch.

When we got home we put the food away and Anna had to do some work. I spoke to my dad and Amy on the phone for a while then sent off my story (which is as finished as I’m going to get it alone) to a couple of people. I’m also having a lot of ideas for my next piece of writing, though it’s going to be difficult to know which to follow and which to leave. For tea I made some curry, which went a bit wrong when I was cooking it but actually turned out pretty nice in the end.

Before bed we watched an episode of Madmen and one of Red Oaks, too.


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