Diary – A Long London Walk

I feel like I experienced London at its best yesterday, enjoying the diversity of its culture and the spontaneous pleasures it provides. Warning: it’s a long one. 

I started off with my usual morning but around 9 I accompanied Anna to London Trimmings, where she bought some bits and pieces before setting off to uni. From there, I carried on to Victoria Park and walked the Regent’s Canal to Regent’s Park, following it through Islington and Camden Town before arriving by London Zoo. Here, I stopped for the lunch that I’d packed in the morning, though it was so windy that the salad leaves kept blowing off my fork! 

The canal walk displayed to me my favourite aspect of living in London; all along the banks stood a variety of different, interestingly-designed houses and art studios, alongside all sorts of other buildings housing offices and schools. Despite the drizzling rain, all of this diversity made for a lovely walk.

From my spot near the zoo (where I could look in on the camels) I walked down to the south of Regent’s Park, where I found that I recognised the area from walking around after my first UCL interview, and therefore easily navigated my way to my usual Cafe Nero. Here, I used my last free card and read for a while before wandering down through Covent Garden en route to the Thames. On my way through Trafalgar Square, I decided to pop into the National Gallery for a while (the benefits of living in London, eh?). Recently I read an article which mentioned that the average time we spend looking at a piece of art is 15-30 seconds, so I decided I’d just look at one piece and chose Holbein’s The Ambassadors. Looking at it for some time (even with my very limited knowledge) really was a different way to experience it, and I found enjoyment in just admiring, for example, the fabric of one of the figures’ sleeves.

After I’d sat here for a while, I was surprised to notice Daniel standing by the painting with a friend. Imagine, not only was he in the same building in the whole of London, but he also picked the same room out of the hundreds in the gallery! I stood and chatted with him for a while before walking down to Jubilee Bridge to cross to the South Bank. From here I wandered along to London Bridge, which was still all closed off, and tried to find a way around Borough Market (also closed) before accepting that I’d have to cross back over the river and carry on along the North Bank. This didn’t really bother me, but the woman behind kept complaining and saying ‘Why me?’, which seemed a bit inappropriate given the circumstances.

So then I followed the North Bank past the Tower and back along the ornamental canal to home. Shortly after I arrived back around 4, Anna arrived back too, on her bike. For tea we had some stew that was in the freezer and watched Madmen and Red Oaks before bed.

For the featured image I was going to include one of the canal, but chose one that showed the impressive view from Jubilee Bridge, instead.

I forgot to look at the Moves app throughout the day, but was pleased to find that I’d done 26km by the end!


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