Diary – High Winds

Yesterday morning I decided not to go for a run as I was pretty tired from the day before. When Anna woke up, she was going to go into uni but she decided to stay at home, too, as it was raining pretty hard and she could get the work done at home.

Whilst she worked I started on some writing, though I didn’t make very much progress. I have lots of ideas but the trouble is, I don’t know which to follow and none of them are developed enough just yet. I suppose I’ll just have to get into writing anything and see what comes out, even if it’s only a prompt for a completely different idea.

After lunch we popped out to Sainsbury’s to get some milk and bread. It was very windy outside, causing my hat to blow off, but luckily a man passing by kindly rescued it for me. On the way home we called at the dentist to book an appointment for them to finish my treatment – this Friday.

Back home I made tea (stir fry) and then typed up some unfinished writing I did a while ago at an attempt to glean some inspiration from it. Before bed we watched Madmen, but it was pretty late by the time Anna finished her work so we didn’t have time to watch anything else.


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