Diary – Who Says 20-Year-Olds Can’t Have Naps?

Oops – I forgot to write a diary entry for the last couple of days! I’ve not missed too much though, other than that on Thursday me and Anna went to vote just around the corner and, afterwards, I wandered down to Liverpool Street Station to buy a box to present Anna’s uni work in and to replace my lost bank card at Santander, which was super quick and easy.

Yesterday, I had a visit to the dentist in the morning – apparently the root canal I had a couple of weeks ago wasn’t finished (who knew?) so they sorted that out and left me to schedule two more appointments to fill the tooth. From there I walked back home and set off walking with Anna fairly soon after. We wandered back to Paperchase (Anna came up with much fancier bags to display her work in, so we returned the box) and, after that, Anna coaxed me into Pizza Union (not difficult) for lunch. It always feels a bit extravagant to eat out somewhere that looks so fancy, but at least we’re not like most in London, who eat out every day – and it’s so cheap! 

After pizza we walked home and there I read for a while whilst Anna worked. I’m currently reading American Psycho, which has always intrigued me, and I’m getting through it pretty fast, hopefully in time for the arrival of my course texts, which I’m really excited about! Luckily for me, they’re mostly books I would be interested in reading anyway, so it won’t feel like too much of a chore. I also had a nap, which Anna mocked me for (understandably). However, when we watched Madmen later on, we noticed that Don Draper has lots of naps, so I think I’m excused!


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