Diary – Organising 

Yesterday the weather was pretty nice, much to the dismay of everyone up North when they spoke to me on the phone. To make the most of the weather we had lunch out on the balcony – unfortunately Anna had work to do, so she couldn’t accompany me to Sainsbury’s, which is where I wandered after lunch.

Unlike on a usual Saturday, I only went to Sainsbury’s instead of Lidl because we’re not going to be eating here much this week – we’re going out for tea with Anna’s friend, then perhaps my family, and after that we’re driving back up to Lytham with them for a visit. I still got a bit of stuff though – we’d run out of fruit and things – which I carried back before spending most of the afternoon reading American Psycho. Byron’s Don Juan – a course text – arrived in the post a couple of days ago, which I’m looking forward to. 

I also did a bit of writing and spoke to pretty much every family member to arrange when we’re meeting them/where we’re sleeping/who can offer us lifts. The planning went pretty smoothly (I think) which is remarkable since I was in the middle of it all. Later in the afternoon Anna decided to sort out all of her fabric drawers so she could get her new stuff put away – I sat with her whilst winding big bundles of elastic to keep them organised. 

Later on I made tea (roasted veg with pesto and mozzarella roasted potatoes) which we enjoyed before watching Madmen and an episode of Red Oaks.


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