Diary – Anna Finished Uni

Yesterday I woke at 6 and had breakfast, watched some videos, and read the news for a while before Anna got up. It was the day of her final hand-in for uni so at 9, after she’d had breakfast and we got ready, I walked with her to LCF in Shoreditch with her box of work. Whilst she took her stuff inside I waited outside the building with all the cool people, feeling a little out of place as I don’t look like a model and wasn’t wearing all black, but I survived and from there we walked down Brick Lane.

Part way down Brick Lane we veered off for a coffee in Rough Trade, the record shop (one of my favourite places to get a drink) before walking to Spitalfields Market to see if the book stall was on. Unfortunately it wasn’t, so my dad will have to make do with a mix CD, but we had a walk around anyway.

From Spitalfields we walked down to Sainsbury’s and the post office before heading home, where we had some lunch. My afternoon was mostly spent writing though I also helped Anna have a bit of a clear out under the bed. I also realised that I’d made an error of judgement in thinking that Anna really didn’t want to go anywhere to celebrate finishing uni, but I think I made up for it by sneaking out on the bike whilst she was in the shower and buying some goodies from Sainsbury’s. Garlic bread solves most problems.

After tea we watched Madmen and Red Oaks and I helped Anna pick out some outfits for the videos she’s filming today.


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