Diary – Blue Plaques and Tailbacks

The last couple of days have been spent jumping on tubes and meeting lots of new people and, as a result, I forgot to write my diary. 

On Wednesday, Mum and Michael arrived at our flat at around half 2 and, soon after, we all went for lunch at Rinkoff’s, sitting out in the sun. From here we wandered back home, where we rested for a while, before taking the tube from Shadwell to Parson’s Green and, there, met some of Michael’s family in a pub. After staying here for an hour or so, we all walked to an Italian restaurant around the corner for a late tea, where we met more of Michael’s family, making it ten of us in total. Unfortunately I’m not great at speaking in a crowd (especially not a crowd of people I’ve just met) and there wasn’t much common ground (the family had just sold off their chain of casinos), but it was nice all the same. At almost 11 we got the tube back home and all collapsed into bed.

Yesterday was pretty much more of the same. In the morning we went back to Rinkoff’s for breakfast (Mum was especially taken with it) before walking back to Shadwell tube station to travel to High Street Kensington station, near where Michael’s dad’s blue plaque was being unveiled. Unfortunately Anna stayed at home because the tube had made her feel ill the day before. When we got there we met Michael’s family in a pub and I spent most of the time speaking to Karen and Michael, who I already knew. Michael is in the midst of having a book published, so chatting to him was interesting. The ‘ceremony and free buffet’ itself turned out to be a very brief speech and a plate of rich tea biscuits, but oh well.

At around half 2 we started back to the flat, where Anna was busy getting all of our bags and food ready. When we got home we were running pretty late and when we got in the car we heard reports of lots of delays as well, though I didn’t hear much of what was going on as I was concentrating on not being sick. In the end we had to stop off at a service station to get something to eat instead of going out for tea and Michael had to call ahead to cancel his quiz. All in all, it took us about 7 and a half hours to get home, so we were all pretty tired again when we got back.


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