Diary – Trip to Preston

Yesterday there was no one about when I got up, so I sat and had breakfast and began reading Lolita, one of my course texts. I’m already really enjoying it – the style is fantastic and the protagonist is very humorous and likeable, which only adds to the disturbing themes. Once my mum got in we chatted for a while before setting off to my granny’s house to drive through to Preston with her.

In Preston we got some shopping and had lunch in the ‘Mystery Tea House’, where they serve a huge amount of fancy teas, which was lovely. After we’d finished in Preston we drove back and I stayed at my granny’s for a cup of tea whilst mum drove home. After a long chat there I wandered back home and, when I arrived, me and Mum started on making fresh pasta, which neither of us had attempted before. It took a while for us to get the hang of it but it came out pretty nice in the end and it was very satisfying to see the transformation, instead of just pouring it out of a packet.

After tea and stayed and talked a while before Oliver and Benjamin coaxed me away to play a game with them. I then read for quite a while before going to bed.

The featured image shows the view from my bedroom at my mum’s – very different from the one from our flat.


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