Diary – We’re Home!

I’ve not written a diary entry for a few days, mostly because I was actually with most of the people that I write them for. In summary though, we’ve had a lovely few days travelling about to visit family.

Yesterday we woke up at my grandparents’ house in Lancaster, eating breakfast with them before heading down to town to meet Saleel (the friend who teaches creative writing at the uni). We met at Cafe Nero and it was really nice to see him – we get along well and have lots in common – and we all enjoyed talking about films and things. Whilst we were sat there Kriss walked by and stopped for a coffee with us as well (a very Lancaster occurrence), but only briefly as he was heading to work.

After Saleel had left us we gathered our things and went to the Pound Bakery to get some lunch, also stopping off at Oxfam Books (I picked up a book of Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis with other essays and poems). From here we met my grandparents in Dalton Square before walking with them up to the park, via their house. In the park we sat at a picnic bench eating our lunch and a massive bag of cherries and soon Mary and Katy joined us. As always, it was lovely to see Mary, and she had some really good feedback for my writing. 

We sat and chatted here for a while (Katy also had a play on the park) before heading back to the house to pick up our bags and get down to the train station, where we arrived in plenty of time. The journey back to London was pretty quick and easy, despite reservation issues – I read Lolita for a lot of the time and we both slept a little. From Euston the journey was similarly fast and we were happy to arrive home at around 9.30, though the flat was boiling hot. Finally, we popped out to Iceland to get just enough for breakfast before finishing the day with an episode of Madmen – ah, routine!

The featured image was taken behind my house in Lytham – for some reason it’s pretty much the only picture I took on the whole trip.


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