Diary – 34 Degrees!

Yesterday was very hot, so originally I didn’t intend to go out walking too much. When Anna got up, though, I decided to leave with her when she went to uni, to get some bits and bobs from Sainsbury’s. We set off in our opposite directions at about 10ish, leaving the cool of the flat (windows and blinds closed) for the muggy air outside – I don’t envy Anna having to cycle in this weather.

On the way to Sainsbury’s I listened to the new Bret Easton Ellis podcast and the walk there and back only took about half an hour. Then, from when I got home to lunchtime, I pretty much spent my time reading more of Lolita and trying to cool down. At some point, though Anna messaged me asking if I’d walk to her uni and back with her to carry the box with her stuff in it, which she couldn’t take on her bike.

I set off at about 2 o’clock and it took me another 30 minutes to walk to LCF, where I met Anna and was introduced to a lot of her friends on her course. She then picked up her bike and we wandered back. Again, when we got back, we spent most of our time trying to cool down and I fell asleep a couple of times and had one of those confusing moments where you think you’ve woken up whilst you’re still dreaming – maybe it’s the heat. Anna also went to sleep to try and get rid of a headache in the evening, whilst I read a bit more, and we ended up making tea pretty late. Luckily we only had to warm some stew (all we really have until we go shopping), which we ate on the balcony. Before bed we watched an episode of Madmen, of course.


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