Diary – Another Trip to the Dentist (But Not the Bad Kind)

Yesterday morning I was back at the dentist to have some pictures taken of my teeth – she’s running a study or something to straighten front teeth, which apparently I’m perfect for (aw, I’m flattered). These pictures are just to get an idea of whether I’d be suitable and she said I should find out next week.

I arrived at the dentist’s at 10, as she asked me to, but as usual she was about half an hour late so I sat and read for a while. Other than the wait it was all pretty quick and on the way home I stopped off at Sainsbury’s for some cheese for lunch (we’re going to do the proper shopping today, finally). By this point I had a bit of a headache (which is fairly unusual) and it got worse as the day went on, despite drinking a lot of water. 

After lunch I read for a long time then went for a lie down which turned into a pretty long sleep. When I woke I read some more and wrote a bit before Anna kindly made tea (cheesy pasta), which we again ate on the balcony. 

Before bed we watched Madmen and an episode of Red Oaks.


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