Diary – More Books!

For the last few days we’ve not been shopping for various reasons (much too hot to cycle, Anna at uni etc.) but yesterday we finally went, cycling through the park to Lidl as usual. We were a bit earlier than usual, so instead of eating lunch in the park we cycled straight home. There, I read more of Lolita on the balcony for a while before we ate. Whilst I was out there a couple of other books arrived in the post, as well – J.M. Coetzee’s Foe and Alice Munro’s Selected Stories, which I’m looking forward to.

After lunch I read for a while longer before getting quite a bit of writing done. I’m quickly discovering the difficulties of inserting passages within those you’ve already written – trying to maintain the style and pace of the narrative – but I think I’m improving. I also tried writing straight onto the computer, which is unusual, but I think it went alright for a change. 

Later in the evening we had tea on the balcony and, afterwards, I went in the shower, whilst Anna also started reading Lolita – it’ll be nice to be able to talk about it with someone. When I got out of the shower we set up the projector and watched an episode of Twin Peaks – as mysterious as ever – and one of Madmen, before bed.


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