Diary – More Writing, More Reading

Yesterday I woke up at the usual time but, when I went to wake Anna up, she decided to sleep a little later, so by the time I’d sat with her whilst she ate breakfast and then washed up, it was quite late in the morning.

At 11ish I decided to wander down to the Liverpool Street Cafe Nero to get some writing done. It was actually surprisingly warm outside, although it didn’t look it, and I listened to the Adam Buxton podcast as I went (quite different to the others I listen to). When I got to Cafe Nero I got my favourite seat, but there was an annoying man sat close by, loudly discussing burgers with his son over Skype. Unfortunately my headphones weren’t enough to block him out, but I still got some writing done so that was ok.

After Cafe Nero I walked back home, listening to the rest of the podcast, and when I got back me and Anna had some lunch. I then read more of Lolita for pretty much the rest of the afternoon, before we made tea (flatbread pizzas, with mushroom, spinach, onion and garlic for me). After tea we did a workout (back to it) and, after Anna had been in the shower, watched an episode each of Madmen and Red Oaks before bed.


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